FACILITIES MANAGEMENT for Owner-Occupied Buildings

ESSTEE manages owner-occupied buildings facilities throughout Michigan.  The goal of any business owner is focus and attention on the business that they conduct. Allow ESSTEE to handle all of the maintenance related ‘business distractions’ so that you can focus all of your energy on your business.

Following are typical owner-occupied facilities services offered.

For special projects and seasonal contracts, at least two bids are analyzed prior to making recommendations to the Owner. Maintenance coordination includes, but is not limited to, lawn care, irrigation, pond maintenance, extermination, snow removal, asphalt maintenance, lighting, janitorial services, elevator maintenance, hvac equipment, fire protection, access control, etc. All property-related insurance claims processing is coordinated by ESSTEE, as the policy permits. All questions/concerns from employees/vendors are addressed by ESSTEE. For emergency services, we are available 24 hours a day.

For additional information, please contact Sheri Holstege at esstee@essteeinc.com or 616.392.6480.

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